A House For Wholesale, Manufacture And Handicrafts Export From Indonesia

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1. Java Handicraft

Java Handicraft is a manufacturer and exporter company of handicraft collections, offers some Indonesia handicraft products, including; bracelet, bamb...

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2. Anindo Furniture

Anindo Furniture manufacturers indoor and outdoor furniture from teak wood, sungkai wood, mindi wood for retail shops, resorts, hotel projects, restau...

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3. Posteak Furniture

Posteak Furniture Indonesia manufactures quality teak furniture Indonesia, varying from solid new teak furniture Indonesia, teak recycled furniture, t...

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4. Elegant Batik

Regarding the philosophy from the existence of Indonesia Batik, Elegant Batik presenting the range of Indonesia Batik to be their mainly products disp...

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5. Libra by Palma International

Libra by Palma International is run from the province of Yogyakarta on the island of Java, where it has entered into a joint venture with a furniture ...

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6. Elegan Furniture

With 15 years experiences in furniture export, Elegan Furniture has exported its products through many countries in the world. This furniture company ...

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7. Ina Antique Furniture

Ina Antique furniture wholesaler and manufacturer from Jepara - Central Java offers various antique reproduction furniture products, including; cabine...

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8. Walls Covering - Haradeco

WallsCovering.com or also known as Haradeco is wall cladding manufacturer from Sukoharjo, Central Java. They create a wall cladding that has an except...

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9. Elegance Direct

Settled in Jepara, Central Java, Elegance Direct is now become an exporter and manufacturer furniture company for antique and elegant wooden furniture...

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10. Baliette Furniture

Baliete Home Furnishing is a company that producing indoor and outdoor furniture that located in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. The production is inc...

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